Splash & Dash



Entry fee $10 (Manual entry fee $15) plus a late entry fee of an extra $10.00 applies from Monday 24th February 2020.   Please be aware that T-shirts are unavailable to purchase after this date so why wait get, your entry in NOW.

Limited to 220 on a first in first served basis. 

Splash and Dash is for 5-7 year olds.  Children who are seven years old can choose whether to participate in the Splash & Dash or the triathlon.  The event is a SPLASH in Lake Taupo and a DASH along the lakefront. Children do not need to be able to swim and parents can accompany their child if they wish. Entries do not count towards school participation prize.

Your child will be given a wrist band when registering which must be worn on event day.  Your child will also receive a certificate when crossing the finish line and a few little goodies, NO MEDAL – they can look forward to getting a medal when they are old enough to compete in the full triathlon.

Registration takes place on:

  • Saturday 29th February at Waipahihi School Hall, 20 Parata Street, Taupo between 4.00 – 6.00pm and
  • Sunday 1st March at Lakefront Reserve – opposite Mere Road, Taupo from 7.30am.
  1. How do I enter?
  2. What are the distances?
  3. When is start time/Event Order?
  4. Does my child have to wear shoes when on the run?
  5. Can I help my child?
  6. Are there Splash and Dash T-shirts?
  7. Wairakei Estate Ironkidz Fairplay Policy

1. Online entries are now closed.

2. Splash –  50 metres.  Participants (in waves of 10) will start in waist deep water to allow those that can swim to give it a go but those that are not so confidence can head back towards the beach if they want to run.

Dash – 550 metres.  Once out of the water children run to the transition area, if they wish they can put on tops and sneakers before beginning their run.  There will be a lead runner for the first children to follow and there will be a marshal at the turn around point.

3. We suggest arriving at the lakefront no later than 10.00 am.  Approx start 10.30 -10.45am.  Approx 10 mins before start there will be announcements calling for all Splash and Dash entrants to assemble in the area clearly marked on the beach.  This is where there will be a safety briefing and we ask that a parent/caregiver for each entrant be present and convey information to their child/children.

Order: 7yr boys/7yr girls/6.5 boys/6.5 girls/6 boys/6 girls/5.5 boys/5.5 girls/5 boys/5 girls

4. Shoes are optional – there will be a transition area marked out should your child wish to stop and put on shoes before their run.  Another option is for your child to participate in aqua shoes.

5. Yes you can support your child and we will scatter adults throughout the waves.  We ask that you help with encouragement and directing for all children.  Remember this is not a race – it’s about your child/children participating and having fun – please see our fair play Policy below.

6. Yes we have Splash and Dash T-shirts available in sizes: 4, 6, 8.  T-shirts are $20 and are not included in your entry fee and must be ordered at the time of entering, up until Sunday 24th February.  Entries after this date will be unable to order t-shirts.  They will not be for sale at Registration or on event day. Please ensure you order the correct size as there will be no exchanges.  More details about sizes and measurements are on the entry form.

7. Here at Wairakei Estate Ironkidz our emphasis is on participation and having fun while taking part in a triathlon.  In order to ensure that all athletes walk away with the best experience we need to uphold a positive and supportive atmosphere at all times.

We encourage everyone both spectators and participants to abide by the principles of fair play; respect for the rules, act considerately and with courtesy, just and fair treatment for all participants, spectators and event volunteers alike.

We also encourage all spectators present on the day to be supportive of all the children that are out there trying their best to achieve their goals.

If there is any issue about the efficiency of our event, please report to any official and this will be addressed by the Event Coordinator.

We hope that those doing the Splash & Dash have an awesome time and will be back to the do the Ironkidz Triathlon when they are old enough!