General Triathlon Event Information


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This page contains information relevant to the Wairakei Estate Ironkidz triathlon event, open to anyone aged between 7 and 15 years.  Splash & Dash information is included elsewhere.

You can enter on your own, or in a team with friends. Either way, everyone’s a winner and having fun is the name of the game!

As well as an awesome day out with your family and friends, you’ll receive lots of goodies:

  • Event number and swim cap
  • Wairakei Estate Ironkidz Certificate
  • Wairakei Estate Ironkidz medal 
  • Wairakei Estate Ironkidz event bag full of goodies
  • Chances to win great spot prizes
  • Celebrities and sporting stars and Taupo Ironmen to cheer you on

Please note that Wairakei Estate Ironkidz is NOT cancelled or postponed due to weather. Our Event Co-ordinator may choose to alter the course for safety reasons in the event of wind or rain, however, the event will go ahead.

Registration takes place on

  • Saturday 29th February at Waipahihi School Hall, 20 Parata Street, Taupo between 4.00-6.00pm, and
  • Sunday 1st March at the Lakefront Reserve – opposite Mere Road, Taupo from 7.30am.

Late entries will be taken at registration but will not be eligible for the School Participation Prize. Splash and Dash entries do not count towards School Participation.

What’s it all about?
Those of you who have competed before know the rules – coming first isn’t important – it’s about getting out there, having a go and achieving your personal best. The event is open to everyone aged between 7-15, but as spaces are limited it pays to get your entry in to us early. You can enter on your own – which means you swim, bike and run (in that order) – or as part of a team of three, which means you swim or bike or run.

How Much Does It Cost?

Paper Entry Online
Individual  $30.00 $25.00
Elite  $40.00 $35.00
2 Person Team $55.00 $50.00
3 Person Team $75.00 $70.00

A late fee applies from Monday 24th February. Because of the extra costs involved in registering late entries, any individual who registers after this date will need to pay an extra $10.00.  T-shirts will be unavailable to order from this date.


T-shirts are not included in your entry fee and must be ordered at the time of entering, up until 23rd February.  Entries after this date will be unable to order t-shirts.  Wairakei Estate Ironkidz shirts are $20 and are available in sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14,16, Adult S and Adult M.  They will not be for sale at Registration or on event day. Please ensure you order the correct size as there will be no exchanges.  More details about sizes and measurements are on the entry form.

Like we said at the start, every kid’s a winner – it’s not about coming first, it’s about getting out, having a go and achieving your personal best. Therefore, we won’t be handing out prizes to placegetters, except in the Elite Section (that means it doesn’t matter if you come 1st or 101st). Instead, every Ironkid triathlete gets a medal and a certificate on the day and there will be heaps of cool spot prizes.  

We aim to get the prize giving underway as soon as possible after the last competitor crosses the finish line, but sometimes there are delays, so please be patient! Don’t run off anywhere – plan to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a bit of a wind-down. (And don’t forget the sunscreen and hats – it could be a scorcher!) We will be giving away more prizes than ever before, so hang around as you will have to be there to collect your prize.

The Rules
The main rule is play fair… we want everyone to have a great day.

During the event, no help from family or friends is allowed, just heaps of encouragement and clapping! All non-competitors must remain behind barriers and off the course.

To keep everyone safe, competitors only are allowed in the transition area. Make sure you’re wearing your bib number so we can identify you.

You may not remove your bike from the transition area until completion of the event, following prize giving.

Event bib numbers must be worn on the front of your t-shirt. In the teams, the runners and the cyclists get to wear the numbers.

We recommend you write your event bib number clearly on your arms and legs too to ensure photographers will be able to identify you!

If you are the team swimmer write your event bib number clearly on your arms and legs.

We’d love you to wear your Wairakei Estate Ironkidz T-shirt but it’s optional! However, no clothing or brands which conflict with the sponsors, are allowed.

It is the responsibility of individual participants to have their bike and helmet checked and meet safety requirements prior to event day.  We suggest that this be done the week before.

You must follow the marshals’ instructions. They’ll be the ones in the bright vests directing you around the course with arrows and cones.

The Event Co-ordinator has the last word, ie their decision on all event matters is final.

Special Rules For…

The Swim: You must wear your Wairakei Estate Ironkidz swim cap. No running or walking is allowed however you may stop and have a rest if you need to. Wetsuits are ok.  If you are entering into the Elite category, you must be a competent swimmer as you will be swimming in deeper water.

The Bike: All cyclists must wear a fastened helmet, shirt (or tri-suit) and protective footwear. You can’t collect your bike from the transition area until the event is over.

The Run: A shirt (or tri-suit) and shoes must be worn.

Elite: You must be a competent swimmer, have a road bike (mountain bikes will not be accepted) and be a member or either a triathlon club or a school triathlon group.  This club/group must be stated on entry form. Entries will be limited 60 entries. This is a timed event with time limits on each leg and trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. All other entrants are invited to register in the Individual 11-15 year age group category.

Here’s a run-down for the day:

7.30am: This is when the Transition Area – the hub of all activity – opens. We need all bikes to be in the transition area by 8.30am at the latest.
8.30am: Event safety briefing – this is when everyone gathers around to hear exactly what lies ahead! It’s important you listen carefully to instructions.
9.00am: The big moment – the event gets underway!

Note:  It’s important all competitors arrive on time as the event has to begin on time.

Prizegiving will begin as soon as possible after the last competitor crosses the finish line.


For the safety of all competitors, vehicle access during the race will be severely restricted, so please don’t shift your vehicle during the race. If you have to leave early, please park well clear of the cycle area.

Well it’s simple, just get out and do it!  We suggest a balanced programme of trips to the pools or beach, a occasional bike ride with mum and dad and a run, jog, walk as often as possible. Lots of participants like to get together with friends to train and then either participate individually or together as a team.

Bike Safety
It’s important their bike is in good working order and that they have a fitted bike helmet. Cyclists must pass on the right, slower cyclists are to keep left.

Transition Area

Your parents or legal guardian (one adult only) can help set up your bike and helmet in the transition area before the event. Once this is ready, they must leave the transition area. There will be lots of friendly volunteers that will help you along the way whenever you need them. Bikes are not be allowed to be taken from the transition area until advised by the Wairakei Estate Ironkidz Event Co-ordinator – this is usually after Prizegiving.

Eating Well
Your child will need to eat and drink more while they’re training. Lots of good healthy food (three meals a day and snacks) and heaps of water.

On The Day
The event caravan will be the lost child centre. But please don’t forget to organise a meeting place with your kids. It might pay to give them your mobile number also.

Ensure your child is protected from the elements (sunscreen, warm clothes etc). As you know, NZ weather is fickle and can change very quickly.

There will be heaps of gear around the place, so make sure everything belonging to your child is clearly marked. If your child has any allergies or special needs, make sure the Wairakei Estate Ironkidz officials know. We’d encourage you to carry any medication they may need.

And one last thing… remember Wairakei Estate Ironkidz is about kids giving it their best shot and having a good time.

Frequently asked questions

Click on the question you’d like answered:

  1. What is Wairakei Estate Ironkidz?
  2. What are the distances I must swim, cycle and run?
  3. Who actually runs the event?
  4. How do I enter?
  5. How old do I need to be to participate in Wairakei Estate Ironkidz?
  6. What should I bring?
  7. What should I do before the day?
  8. What should I do on the day?
  9. Does it matter if I have not done Wairakei Estate Ironkidz before?
  10. Can kids share bikes?
  11. Does Wairakei Estate Ironkidz have a Fair Play Policy?
  12. What if my child has a medical or physical condition?
  13. Is there a late fee?
  14. Do you refund entry fee?
  15. Should I eat before I come to Wairakei Estate Ironkidz?
  16. What if I have only ever swum in a pool?
  17. What happens after the event?

01. What is Wairakei Estate Ironkidz?
Wairakei Estate Ironkidz is a Triathlon for kids aged 7 – 15 years of age, and a Splash & Dash event for 5 – 7 year olds.

It doesn’t matter if you have participated in Wairakei Estate Ironkidz before or not.
This event is all about trying your best and having a go!

First you do the Swim leg, then the Cycle leg, and finally the Run. When you cross the finish line, we are there to give you a medal.

02. What are the distances I must swim, cycle and run?

Age Swim Cycle Run
Elite 300m 12km 3km
11-15 years 200m 8km 2km
7-10 years 100m 4km 1km

The distances for the non-elite categories are approximate – they may vary slightly with each location.

03. Who actually runs the event?
The Wairakei Estate Ironkidz committee is made up of parent volunteers from Waipahihi School.  We run this event to encourage kids to give sport and physical activity a go.

04. How do I enter?
It is important to register ASAP, as places in all events are limited, this is particularly important for Splash and Dash as there are only 200 entries on a first in first served basis, and it is a popular event! Simply click here to go to our online registration page.

05. How old do I need to be to participate in Wairakei Estate Ironkidz?
You need to be aged between 7 – 15 on the day of the triathlon event or between 5 – 7 for the Splash and Dash event.  Lucky seven year olds get to choose.

06. What should I bring?

Your swimsuit and goggles
A towel – a brightly coloured towel will make it easier to find your bike in the transition area.
A bike and of course your helmet.  You can get these checked at your local bike Shop.  If you don’t have a bike, let us know and we will sort one out for you.
A good pair of running shoes.
Sun screen and a hat or cap
Warm clothes for after the event
Healthy snacks like fresh fruit and drinks for when you need some energy!

Why not make a day of your Wairakei Estate Ironkidz event? Ask mum, dad or your your carer to make a picnic lunch, and bring your whole family!
Most important of all have a positive attitude and a big smile for the photographers!

07. What should I do before the day?
Make sure your swimsuit is the right size so it won’t cause rubbing and chafing.
Test your goggles for leaking or scratches.
Get your bike checked over before the event. Elastic laces in your running shoes can make it much quicker to slip your shoes on.
Make sure your bag is packed the night before so you don’t have to worry about finding things on the morning of the event!

08. What should I do on the day?
It is important that you arrive on time. You must place your bike in the transition area 15 mins prior to your event. Allow plenty of time for this.
Make sure you stretch and warm up before the event.
Pay attention to the instructions and rules that will be given to you before the event in your safety briefing session.
Keep drinking water throughout the day to make sure you don’t get dehydrated.
Familiarise yourself with the transition area and all exits and entries.
Lay out your biking / running gear by your bike.

9. Does it matter if I have not done Wairakei Estate Ironkidz before?
Not at all, Wairakei Estate Ironkidz is designed for you to learn about triathlons and to have lots of FUN! We explain everything you need to know and there are lots of people to help you on the day. It’s all about ‘giving it a go!’

10. Can kids share bikes?
Participants cannot share bikes during Wairakei Estate Ironkidz event. Each participant, including kids from the same family, must have his or her own bicycle. Sharing bikes can compromise safety and security.

11. Does Wairakei Estate Ironkidz have a Fair Play Policy?

Here at Wairakei Estate Ironkidz our emphasis is on participation and having fun while taking part in a triathlon.  In order to ensure that all athletes walk away with the best experience we need to uphold a positive and supportive atmosphere at all times.

We encourage everyone both spectators and participants to abide by the principles of fair play; respect for the rules, act considerately and with courtesy, just and fair treatment for all participants, spectators and event volunteers alike.

We also encourage all spectators present on the day to be supportive of all the children that are out there trying their best to achieve their goals. 

If there is any issue about the efficiency of our event, please report to any official and this will be addressed by the Event Coordinator.

12. What if my child has a medical or physical condition?
Please make sure our Wairakei Estate Ironkidz team know about it. We need to make sure that you will be safe on the day!  We also recommend that any injury received during the course of the event, even if minor be checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible.  We have first aid people on site.

13. Is there a late fee?
Yes, a late fee applies from 24th February. Because of the extra costs involved in registering late entries, any individual who registers after this date will need to pay an extra $10.00.

14. Do you refund the entry fee?

No refunds but you can transfer your entry to another child or contact us for further options.

15. Should I eat before I come to Wairakei Estate Ironkidz?
We suggest that you eat something light before the event. Perhaps a piece of fruit, an Up & Go (or similar), a piece of toast or some cereal should help to settle your tummy.

16. What if I have only ever swum in a pool? Will I be able to touch the bottom?
The swims will be very clearly marked with lots of lifesavers so there is no need to be scared.  Unless you are in the Elite category, you will be able to touch the bottom.  Elite will have a deep water start.  If you are entering into the Elite category, you must be a competent swimmer as you will be swimming in deeper water.  Others will easily be able to touch the bottom and rest if needed.

17. What happens after the event?
After you finish Wairakei Estate Ironkidz triathlon and you receive your medal and certificate, stay for prize giving. There will be loads of activities too!

There’s some of the basics out of the way… you’ll find everything else there is to know somewhere here on the site, or you can ask on our Facebook Page.